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The COVReport Rating is a construction industry leading evaluation tool offering in depth insight of potential safety, operational, and financials issues to be aware of prior to engaging in a relationship with a subcontractor. By incorporating Safety, Operational and Financial information, a COVReport Rating combines both essential descriptive and predictive measures of risk to deliver a highly reliable rating analyzing the current and future health of a business.


Financial Rating

A COVReport Financial Rating is derived from a comprehensive and proven set of over 35 financial ratios focused on Liquidity, Leverage, and Operational Capabilities. This Rating reflects the overall financial strength of the company to complete their operational commitments without seeking financial relief from debtors. The Financial Rating will include assessment of key financial indicators including, but not limited to:

● Net Cash Ratio

● Working Capital Compression Ratio

● Debt to Equity Ratio

● Return on Assets

Data Composition

A COVReport Data Composition Rating reflects the quality of data being used to generate the COVReport Rating. The Data Composition Rating will include assessment of key data elements including:

● Financial Statement - Statement date on file - Type and Date

● COI - Statement date on file

● Letter of Bondability - Statement date on file

● OSHA 300A - Statement date on file

● EMR Letter - Statement date on file

Operational Rating

A COVReport Operational Rating measures a company's operational capabilities by analyzing a number of key elements including:

● EMR Trends

● Full Time Safety Personnel

● Safety Programs and Practices

● OSHA Citation in last 5 years

● Named in a project/ completed or operation lawsuit in the last 3 years

Comparative Rating

A COVReport Comparative Rating reflects the overall viability of a company, compared to similar businesses, within the same model segment in the COVReport database. The Comparative Rating will include assessment of key elements including:

● Financial Rating v. Segment Average

● Operational Rating v. Segment Average

● EMR v. Segment Average


A COVReport Rating enables customers to get a comprehensive snapshot view of a business in an increasingly complex world. While other scores answer only one-dimensional business problems or questions like "Is the company financially stable?" or "How has the company historically performed?" A COVReport Rating helps our customers answer fundamental questions with more precision:

● Is this a viable business to work with?

● Do I want to initiate or maintain a relationship with this business?

● Do I have complete confidence in the data driving my decision?

● Do I have confidence in the financial, safety or operational performance of this business?

● Can I increase my objectivity of my risk assessment and identify opportunities or pitfalls before my competition?

By incorporating Safety, Operational and Financial information related to your critical decision practices of whether or not to engage with a company, COVReport Ratings are rapidly gaining acceptance as the construction industry's most comprehensive assessment of current and future business health.

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